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The signing ceremony of the cooperation ties between the Chengdu giant panda breeding and Research base, and Peony Card Center for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (“ICBC”) kicked off at the Chengdu giant panda breeding and Research Base (the “Base”) on August 27, 2019. Many leaders and guests attended the ceremony, including Mr. Chen Zongqian, full-time deputy director general of Sichuan Administration of Panda National Park, Mr. Luo Ye, associate inspector of Chengdu Administration for City Park Construction, Mr. Zhang Zhihe, secretary and director of “the Base” and Mr. Wang Dufu, president of Peony Card Center for ICBC.

The Base reached an agreement with ICBC Peony Card Center under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era and in full implementation and practice of the spirit of the Party Committee and Government of Sichuan Province, for promoting and enhancing the “Sanxingdui – Jiuzhaigou – Giant Panda” Culture& Tourism Brand of Sichuan. The two sides will cooperate in brand building, joint issuance of bank cards and financial services to integrate the superior resources of both sides and realize the powerful combination, so as to carry forward Chinese culture with giant panda culture as representatives, develop tourism and culture sectors and jointly protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Mr. Zhang Zhihe, the secretary and director of the Base and Mr. Wang Dufu, president of ICBC Peony Card Center each delivered a speech at the ceremony. Mr. Zhang mentioned that “the Base” attaches great importance to the promotion of giant panda culture. The giant panda culture created by the base is becoming more interactive, flexible and adaptable. The cooperation with ICBC this time is to open up a new propagation channel and also the extension of giant panda culture.

  Spread the Giant Panda Culture with Finances as carrier

In recent years, the Party Committee and government of Sichuan Province has proposed a work plan to create the “Sanxingdui – Jiuzhaigou – Giant Panda” Culture and Tourism Brand, and the Party Committee, the government of Chengdu City intends to strengthen the building of Chengdu giant panda culture brand to give full play of the Chengdu as a trunk city and to promote the development of giant panda protection and culture tourism undertaking at high quality. In order to strengthen the implementation and practice of such work plan, the Base closely centers on the giant panda protection to enhance innovation and practices in various cultural and artistic sectors such as music, film and television, drama, art exhibition, public transport and science application as well as by considering the protection as the boat, scientific research as sail and the culture as the wind and adhering to the principles of “overall organization, systematic planning, stressing the key point, multi-party participation and joint hosting & sharing”, thus making its proper contribution for exploring and spreading the giant panda culture and “telling good the Chinese story”.

The Base will support ICBC to produce a series of giant panda-themed credit card products full of Chinese characteristics and communication values and decisive cultural confidence, so as to transform and promote the giant panda culture creatively and in a delightful manner of extensive participation from the public. At the signing ceremony, the two sides revealed the first batch of subsequently-issued giant panda-themed credit card products. In addition to the giant panda figure on the surface of the card, this series of credit cards will create a loveable giant panda IP image. Card holders will enjoys various benefits, such as discount on the ticket to the Base, exclusive experience tour in the Base and consumption discount.

The reason why ICBC handshakes with the Base this time is to deepen the business cooperation and establish strategic partnership for the future and to enable the modern financial products full of cultural spirit to surmount water and mountains and overcome the cultural barriers, allowing more states and nations in the world to enjoy the feast of “giant panda culture” and experience the charisma of Chinese culture. The combination of a unique “giant panda culture” with ICBC’s modern financial services surely will show unprecedented strong vigor and vitality.

  Promote the development of tourism &culture sector and public good

Besides, the Base and ICBC will integrate their own advantages in resources to promote the development of tourism and public good. The Base supports ICBC to use the intelligent scenic area and other scenes of the Base to build high-quality consumer scenarios that promote the intelligent tourism in the neighborhood. And this relies on the local hotels, caterings, shopping malls, scenic areas and performance, that will create an ecological circus of “tourism + finances + culture” in Sichuan region. this centers on giant panda culture and integrated online and offline, so as to “bring in” more than 600 million of ICBC’s customers and partners around the world as tourists source to promote the development of tourism and culture in Sichuan. With respect to the public good, ICBC will work with China UnionPay and the Base to jointly devote to the public good for the protection of giant panda and other endangered rare animals in China, allowing the public to understand the concept of green environmental protection while seeing the cute and lovely animals in the fashion of “low threshold and extensive participation”, and remains true to the aspirations of protecting giant panda and other endangered rare animals in China as well as promote the building of ecological civilization and sustainable development.


Mr. Wang Dufu, president of ICBC Peony Card Center, giving a speech

Mr. Zhang Zhihe, secretary and director of the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding, giving a speech

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